Styg's Ascent is a rogue-like, 2D action-platformer where you play as Styg, a demon overlord determined to reclaim his fortress that has been sieged by pesky heroes. Clear out the invading forces from every single crevice on your way to take back your throne. Grow more powerful as your health dwindles, unleashing your inner strength. Ascend back to your former glory; no checkpoints, no heals and one life.

- Over 20 unique rooms

- 12 unique item upgrades

- Randomly generated levels

- Grow stronger as you take damage

- Use the fortress obstacles to your advantage

You start at the first floor of Styg's fortress on his journey back to the top.  Clear out all rooms in the floor to collect your reward and proceed to the next floor. After clearing both floors in the fortress, proceed to Styg's throne room where the final challenge awaits. If you die, all progress is lost and you lose the game.

Dionysios Adamopoulos : Programmer - Enemies & levels

Sonja Anders : Graphic Artist -  Environment & UI 

Maximilian Feig : Graphic Artist - VFX, music & sound

Felix Krafft : Programmer - Avatar & items

Robin Lundqvist : Producer - Project management

Viggo Rohden  : Graphic Artist - Character design & animations

John Widmark : Product Owner - Level design & QA


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Really love the animation/music/overall visual style! And the concept too. One note is that upon entering the second room ? There seemed to be a bug where I got stuck underneath the floor or the character just disappeared idk. It didn't happen again when I retried, but just incase it's something you wanna look into. Good job!

Thank you  for your kind words! We appreciate your feedback and that you let us know of the bug, we are looking into it and hopefully you won't encounter it again! / Styg's Ascent team